Ben Purnomo is raised in a family that loves photography, and started to follow his father interest and taking photos since he was in college. He studies Public Relations, combining photography with it to do his work. He won some Photography contests ; one of them is National Photo Contest which held by one of national telecommunication companies.

In 2018, He collaborated with Inclover magazine (lifestyle magazines-Jakarta) and Hotel Tentrem to produce “Golden Grace” , and publish with special cover Mclaren.

Inclover Magazine

Now, Ben Purnomo is an official photographer partner of some well known hotels such as Santika Indonesia Hotel and Resort, Archipelago International .

Ben Purnomo offers photography services:
-Hotel & Resort Photography (Commercial,Destination,Social Media update)
-Videography Hotel & Resort

Ben Purnomo is ready to be your partner, whether you are company, hotel or resort, and make the best photos to build your business.